Dynavector P75 mkII Phono Amplifier

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DV P75 mkII

  • Earlier version of the P75 – brand new.  Only 2pcs available 
  • Covered by full warranty
  • Ultra-low noise MC/MM circuitry
  • Extremely accurate RIAA equalisation
  • Patented PE circuit designed by Dr Tominari 
  • All conventional MM, MI and high and low output MC cartridges catered for
  • Fully user adjustable, no additional components or soldering required.
The Dynavector P75mkII Phono Stage is a unique Phono stage with many outstanding features that ensure the P75 will out perform other phono stages costing considerably more.   While there is no doubt that the new mk4 offers higher performance, the mkII is still an outstanding phono amplifier and highly regarded throughout the world.  It is at a bargain price!

The P75 also includes the patented PE (phono enhancing) circuit designed by Dr Tominari to dramatically improve the performance of low output moving coil cartridges.
A simple arrangement of jumper settings allows all conventional, MC, MM and MI, high and low output cartridges to be catered for. The P75 also has an advanced power supply that operates from a conventional 12V AC to DC adaptor. This adaptor has absolutely no bearing on the sound quality.

The P75 mkII’s low noise power supply operates at 1/4 MHz well above the audio band. It takes the low grade single voltage DC supply from the AC adaptor and converts it to dual high voltages required for true professional quality audio reproduction.   The P75 does not have any mains frequency or other low frequency components in the power supply and so hum problems that plague conventional phono amplifiers are eliminated.

Price includes the ac power adaptor, high quality and fully Australian approved.

The P75 is a stand-alone phono to line level amplifier. It can operate with the following cartridge types:
Cartridge Type Input Sensitivity Gain Loading
Low output MC
Standard phono stage
0.2mV or 0.15mV 60 & 63dB 25, 30, 100, 470 ohms
Low output MC
Phono Enhancer*
Zero ohms
High output MC
2.0mV 40dB 47k (47,000) ohms
Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 140 x 90 x 50 mm
Weight 0.6kg (shipping).
*Input sensitivity and gain is determined mainly by the cartridge internal DC coil resistance. Three resistance/gain adjustments available.


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