Kimber Select KS3035


Length (metres)
# of Channels eg. 2 for Left & Right
Connectors amplifier end
Connectors speaker end


• Varistrand™ Hyper-pure copper conductors.

• High pressure/low temperature V-Teflon® dielectric.

• Kimber unique braided constrained matrix.

• X38R core compound.

• ESD Yarn.

• WBT® sandwich spades or angled banana connectors.

This model features both Hyper-pure copper and silver conductors used in a 2:1 symmetric relationship. The KS-3035 possesses an incredibly refined sense of tonality. Instruments and voices are presented with proper weight and body. Textures are organic in their realism. Amazing retrieval of ambient cues give a realistic feeling of the air and space that surrounds instruments.

Weight 5 kg
Length (metre)

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Connectors - Amplifier End

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Connectors - Speaker End

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