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USB Ag Pure Silver Conductors

  • Pure silver signal conductors
  • Silver plated ( 6.1%) copper power and shield conductors
  • Maximum gauge signal and power conductors
  • Nitrogen-infused polyethylene signal conductor dielectric
  • Ferrite noise reduction beads available separately

The popular USB™ interface now plays an important role in both consumer and professional audio and video. Audio devices that utilize USB data modes require a reliable transfer of data to operate properly. To address this need Kimber Kable created high performance USB type cables. Kimber’s Mini B USBAg™ and B USBAg™ cables utilise pure silver signal conductors and 6.1% silver plated  copper conductors ( power and shield) to enhance conductivity and signal support. The largest gauge conductors possible under USB specifications are used for both the signal and power conductors. A high performance nitrogen-infused polyethylene (PE) dielectric is used on the signal conductors to maximise signal integrity. Ferrite noise reduction beads are available separately.  The Mini B USBAg is terminated with a USB “A” type connector on one end and a mini “B” type connector on the other end. The B B USBAg is terminated with a USB “A” type connector on one end to a USB “B” type connector on the opposite end.

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