Original USA Made Well Tempered Labs Reference Turntable & Tonearm


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ref. 26 August 2021.

An immaculate pre-loved North American made Well Tempered Labs  Reference Turntable and Tonearm in pristine condition.  It’s had one owner and very little use.

Extraordinary performance, engineering and aesthetics.

Ultra low noise, huge dynamic range.   The closest thing to listening to “master tapes” in your own home.

This flagship turntable is a true masterpiece of engineering, designed by aerospace engineer Bill Firebaugh.   The last of the Well Tempered Labs Turntables to be made in North America.  One would be hard pressed to find another table like this in such amazing condition.  Note the flawless high gloss piano finish on the plinth!

It is completely original, no aftermarket parts have been substituted and so the performance has not been degraded in any way.  It has the genuine WTL Belt (in perfect condition).  The Reference Tonarm has the original carbon fibre arm tube.

The turntable, tonearm and motor bearings are all silicone damped.  It has the original packaging and manual (see further notes below).

The motor is totally isolated from the turntable plinth – its sits on a heavy lead “brick”in the circular cut-out.

The Plinth features 3 layers of MDF, each one is isolated from the other by a constrained damping material.   The Tonarm only contacts the top layer, the specially damped feet only connect to the bottom layer.   Feet provide level adjustment.

This turntable offers almost unmatched performance regardless of price, no other turntable can match the pitch stability and freedom from wow and flutter.  Only another WTL turntable can match the silence in the groove.

It has standard RCA Output Sockets so connection is a breeze.


Further Notes:

We have been the WTL Distributors in Australia for over 35 years and sold this exact turntable and cartridge to the original owner in 2004.   It was a high end product with a premium price that would be over $20,000.00 in today’s money.

We offer a full 12 months warranty, full technical support and product training.   Free cartridge installation is available too – this will only work for buyers withing driving distance of Sydney.

The WTL Reference is simple and intuitive to setup once the basic design principles are explained.   Once setup, it requires no further adjustment until a new cartridge is installed.

The alignment of the 3 layered plinth has changed over time (see photos.) The middle layer protrudes slightly and is therefore not flush. This does not effect the performance at all. The previous owner has included a jig in order to realign the three layers if necessary.  (Jig included free of charge if required).

The original packaging is available.    The turntable can be disassembled if required, but clearly it would best suit someone within driving distance of Sydney.  This is because it is fully assembled, setup and work with the silicone fluids in place.    If it is to be shipped, we will supply all the fluids required free of charge.  (We have them as stocked items).

Grey EMC Shielding and Absorption Material:  The original owner fitted strips of self adhesive EMC Shielding and Absorption material to the cartridge body, headshell and RCA connection block.   It is shown in our photos.  This material can be removed and residue cleaned off using a mild solvent.   We can do this upon request at time of sale.

Please call for more information or to inspect this rare turntable


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