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Bringing real live concert hall sound into your living room!

JDAudio is run by music lovers  – regular concert goers and musicians.   We choose products based on how closely they recreate the listening experience of real live music in the concert hall.   Live Music, not just “hi-fi”.

We are the Australian Distributors of famous brands like Kimber Kable and Dynavector and have been in business for 30 years’.  Our advice and customer support is second to none.

Years in Business
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Demo cables and equipment available on some items.

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The Founder

JD’s a music nut, grown up with musicians, lives with musicians and goes to a huge number of live concerts every year.   He KNOWS what live music sounds like and wants to bring it into your home!

He’s also pretty technical as with his other hat on he is the founder and designer for Dynavector’s range of amplifiers – made in Australia and exported worldwide.

So, got a question?

Want some advice? 

Want a “live sound” in your home?

                   Ask JD!

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