Axios Cable FAQ

All Axios cables are custom made to order, even in the USA.  Allow between 5 – 15 business days depending on workload, time of year and your location.

Here’s a breakdown, from time of order placement:

Kimber say upto 2 weeks to make the cables but it can be as short as 3 days depending on their workload.

We ship via Courier Express so allow another 3-4 business days for delivery from Utah USA to Sydney.

Then another 1-3 days for Express Delivery to you (overnight main centres).

Its too hard to add to the site so we’ve added a quick quote form!

There are just so many different headphone brands and models, then multiply that by all the different connector types, cable options (copper, hybrid, silver, length, wire braid) that its enough to make your head spin right off your shoulders!

So please contact us and we’ll work it out for you and you will still have a place for your hat.

Dynavector Notes FAQ

Because they are “real”.   Dynavector Japan is a real company, not a marketing company.   Established in the 1970’s by the physicist Dr Tomainari it really does design and manufacture moving coil cartridges and tonearms.   Dynavector invented specialised coil winding machines that can wind coils with the world’s finest (and lightest) wire.   These machines are secret to this day!

Dynavector products are made in-house in Tokyo Japan and they have an extensive and ongoing Research and Development program.   No Dynavector products are made by outside companies.   Most other cartridges on the market are simply re-branded OEM units, all more-or-less identical inside with all the R&D going into fancy brochures and wild claims.

Dr Tominari discovered the cause of a harshness common to ALL cartridges when playing loud and complex musical passages.   Dr Tominari solved it with the invention of a new magnetic material (patented) that is now in all Dynavector cartridges.   It totally eliminates any harshness even in the midst of the most massive musical crescendo.  The sound is always smooth and crystal clear.   This solution is only found in Dynavector cartridges!

Hint:  Always audition audio equipment using large scale music.  I’ll post a FAQ on how to audition audio gear FAST and sort out the “diamonds from the dross!”

Kimber Notes FAQ

Yes there are counterfeit Kimber Kables out there.  Here is how to spot them:

Kimber Kable is NOT made in China.  But sadly there are fake offerings online from China of junk wire dressed up to look like Kimber – yes, the Photos are of the real thing, they pinched those.   e.g. the so-called 8TC cable is just low grade PVC insulated tinned copper wire, far inferior to Kimber’s entry level 8PR – and more expensive than 8PR too!

Watch out for garbage interconnect clones too.   Remember, Kimber is not made in China and so how can it be cheaper there than in the USA?

Kimber Kable is not sold via online platforms like eBay, audiogon, stereonet etc so if a brand new Kimber item is offered for sale, its pretty much bound to be fake!

Because it works!  It will improve the sound of any audio system – guaranteed.

Kimber Kable is a REAL product, it is not a marketing product.  It is made in USA in Kimber’s own factory in Utah.  Kimber only release new products if they detect a quantifiable improvement in the performance.

Phono Cartridges FAQ

Yes!  This is commonly done.  Here is how it works.

Find the direct equivalent to your old cartridge in the current range,   note down the price and the available trade in discount amount.
You can then deduct that amount from the price of any cartridge higher in the range.

An example will make it clearer:
Say you have a 25 year old 20B2 cartridge that the cat has mangled.  The current equivalent model is a DV-10X5 mkII, the price in Dec 2018 is $945.00 with a 20% discount.
20% of $945 is $189.00.     You may deduct $189.00 from any other cartridge in the range above the DV-10X5 mkII model.

All old, worn or broken DV cartridges can be traded in on a brand new, latest model one* .   The discount varies according to model and here is the outline:

Brand New DV-10X series.    Less 20%
(equivalent models include:  20A, 20A2, 20B, 20B2, 10Xseries)

Brand New DV-20X2 series.   Less 20%
(equivalent models include:  “ruby”, 23R, 23RS, 100R, 20Xseries)

Brand New DV-17D3.  Less 20%.  Note, this model discontinued, contact us to see if we have stock remaining.
(equivalent models include:  100D, “karat diamond”, 17Dseries)

Brand New DV-XX2 series.    Less 20%
(equivalent models include:  XX1, XX2)
Factory rebuild service is available at 35% discount.  Typically takes 5 weeks.

Brand New DV-17DX.  Less 20% and 15%
(trade in 17DX for 20% discount,  trade in old 17Dseries for 15% discount)

Brand New DV Te Kaitora Rua.  Less 25% and 15%
(trade in TK Rua for 25% discount, trade in original Te Kaitora for 15% discount)
Factory rebuild service is available at 40% discount.  Typically takes 5 weeks.

Brand New DRT XV-1 series.  Less 25%
Factory rebuild service is available at 40% discount.  Typically takes 5 weeks.


*there is one exception, the DV-50X is not able to be traded in, it was sold at a lower price with no trade in available.


First the Bad News:  No.  It is not possible to retip or recantilever a moving coil cartridge and restore its original performance.  (see below for further notes on this).

Now the Good News: Dynavector offer a trade in scheme whereby Dynavector owners may trade in their old worn or broken DV cartridge on a brand new, latest model one at a substantial discount.  We still accept 30 year old DV cartridges as valid trade-ins.

Dynavector is a real company, it exists, it does design and manufacture its own product in its own factory in Tokyo Japan.   It is one of the very, very, very few cartridge companies that is real, most are marketing companies that just purchase rebadged product from OEMs.   Dynavector do make cartridges and if anybody could successfully re-tip or re-cantilever a cartridge then DV could.   But experiments have shown that the original performance cannot be achieved – its a bit like putting new tyres on an old car.

You will hear mis-tracking and sibilance in the high frequencies, especially on the inner grooves.   With Dynavector’s unique micro-ridge type styli (fitted to all models from DV-20X and up) there will be NO deterioration in sound until right at the very end of the stylus’ life.

As always, remember to keep your stylus and LP’s clean to extend their life.

Dynavector’s unique stylii will typically last 2,500 hours (DV-10X5 2,000 hours).   OK so what’s that in “real life”?   2,500 hours is about 5 – 7 years’ of regular playing.  If you are also using other music sources you can expect 10+ years.

Remember to keep your stylus clean and records clean.

Shop, Shipping and other general stuff FAQ

No, all our sales are limited to Australia.

Speaker Cable FAQ

With Kimber Kable, the answer is no!  There will be no audible difference in sound provided the shorter cable is greater than half the length of the longer one.  Its a great way to save money and keep your room tidy.

Here is an example:   Right Channel = 3.6m  Left Channel 2.2m  is OK,   but 1.0m + 4.0m is not recommended (here we would suggest increasing the 1.0m to 2.0m).

NO!   They are still perfect and maybe check back in another 25 years’.

The PR, VS and TC series were released almost 30 years’ ago and are STILL in full production today!   We’ve been the Australian distributor for almost all that time and we have 25 year old 4PR and 8TC cables as demo cables.  When the dielectric is stripped off the copper wire inside is still PERFECT!  Zero tarnishing, zero damage.

Of course you may wish to upgrade to a higher performance model and you WILL get a noticeable improvement in sound quality.  If you do, then pass on your treasured cables to a family member or friend.  (I’m not implying that family members are not friends, so no cheeky emails please).  They can get another 25 years out of them and will always remember who gave them the wonderful gift.


If you couldn’t find the answer to your question then please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or through the form below…

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