Can my cartridge be re-tipped?

First the Bad News:  No.  It is not possible to retip or recantilever a moving coil cartridge and restore its original performance.  (see below for further notes on this).

Now the Good News: Dynavector offer a trade in scheme whereby Dynavector owners may trade in their old worn or broken DV cartridge on a brand new, latest model one at a substantial discount.  We still accept 30 year old DV cartridges as valid trade-ins.

Dynavector is a real company, it exists, it does design and manufacture its own product in its own factory in Tokyo Japan.   It is one of the very, very, very few cartridge companies that is real, most are marketing companies that just purchase rebadged product from OEMs.   Dynavector do make cartridges and if anybody could successfully re-tip or re-cantilever a cartridge then DV could.   But experiments have shown that the original performance cannot be achieved – its a bit like putting new tyres on an old car.

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