Fake Kimber Kable

Yes there are counterfeit Kimber Kables out there.  Here is how to spot them:

Kimber Kable is NOT made in China.  But sadly there are fake offerings online from China of junk wire dressed up to look like Kimber – yes, the Photos are of the real thing, they pinched those.   e.g. the so-called 8TC cable is just low grade PVC insulated tinned copper wire, far inferior to Kimber’s entry level 8PR – and more expensive than 8PR too!

Watch out for garbage interconnect clones too.   Remember, Kimber is not made in China and so how can it be cheaper there than in the USA?

Kimber Kable is not sold via online platforms like eBay, audiogon, stereonet etc so if a brand new Kimber item is offered for sale, its pretty much bound to be fake!

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