How can I check if a Kimber Kable is genuine?

With the increasing prevalence of Fake Kimber advertised on various online platforms like eBay, Audiogon, Stereonet etc it is very difficult to work out whether an item is genuine or not.

If you are unsure, Kimber in the USA are only to happy to assist.  Just send them photos – the higher the resolution the better – or a link and they will check it for you.  Contact the Kimber factory directly on   You will be impressed !

As a general rule, when looking at a Kimber advertised “as brand new” a very simple test to apply is:   “If the price is very low, then its a fake”.     It’s that simple.
Why?  Because Kimber is a real company.  It makes its own product, in its own factory, in Utah USA!  It is NOT made in China or another low cost country.  Kimber is a genuine product, not some re-branded OEM item.   So there is no way a seller can be offering a brand new Kimber item at a silly price!   Oh, and don’t believe the seller’s wild stories about how come the cable is so cheap!

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