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4TC speaker cable pairs

  • A pair of 4TC cables – for Right and Left Channels
  • 4 White and 4 Clear Braided Conductors
  • 2.63mm2 ( 13AWG )
  • VaristrandTM Hyper-pure Copper
  • Low loss fluorocarbon dielectric (FEP)

The High Performance Standard

Consisting of eight individual TCSS conductors, four white and four clear that utilise Kimber’s proven braiding technique. The insulating dielectric is high pressure-low temperature-extruded FEP. The individual conductors are Hyper-pure copper, arranged in proven VariStrand™ conductor geometry. The aggregate wire size is two 2.63mm2 conductors. The focus, transparency, and transient speed of 4TC are stunning. 4TC continues to receive enthusiastic reviews and recommendations from consumers and critics worldwide.

Choose the length of the cable pair in 10cm increments.  e.g. To order a 2.5 metre pair of cables, enter “2.5” into the length box, the total is updated above.
Choose your connectors and select DIY to receive a kit of all the items to terminate the cables at home or Fully assembled and we will supply them fully terminated, ready to hook up to your system.

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