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8VS speaker cable pair

  • A pair of 8VS cables – for Right and Left Channels
  • 8 Grey and 8 Black braided conductors
  • 2 x 6.62mm2 (9 AWG)
  • Special polyethylene dielectric
  • High purity copper
  • Varistrand conductors

March 2022.  Original 8VS – available while stocks last.   (ask about new 8PR varistrand)

Performance and Power Consisting of eight gray and eight black conductors, arranged in a large format braid. The conductors feature VariStrand™ conductor geometry and are drawn from Ultra-pure copper. The aggregate wire size is two 6.62mm2 conductors. The smooth power and authority of 8VS makes it a great match for full range speakers, subwoofers, and the low frequency section of bi-wired loudspeakers.
Bi-Wire option means the cable braid is split at the speaker end and 2 sets of connectors are used. 4-wires go to the treble/mid connectors and 4-wires go to the bass connectors.

Choose the length of the cable pair in 10cm increments.  e.g. To get a 2.5 metre pair of cables, enter “2.5” into the Length box, the total is updated above.
Choose your connectors and select DIY to receive a kit of all the items to terminate the cables at home or Fully assembled and we will supply them fully terminated, ready to hook up to your system.
Bi-wire option adds and extra set of speaker connectors


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