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Well Tempered Amadeus mkII

Please contact us for price update due to exchange rate variations

  • Turntable and Tone Arm (new for mkII Symmetrex Arm)
  • Zero clearance “frictionless” table bearing
  • No arm bearing!
  • No feedback – lowest record noise
  • Unmatched tonal stability
  • No constant tuning or adjustment required
  • 2-layer MDF plinth ( Aluminium/acrylic version available, refer  GTa )
  • Includes unique squash-ball feet

WTL is back!  The original designer, William Firebaugh, has created a new improved version of his famous turntable and tone arm.   Made in China it is able to be launched at the same price as the original Classic was 15 year’s ago!
It is truly the bargain of the analogue world.  Unmatched performance, nothing comes close.
Includes super isolation squash-ball feet, electronic stylus pressure gauge and mat.  See for more information

Weight 26 kg

1 review for Amadeus Jr

  1. Jason Choat

    Hi Jonathan
    The setup has gone very well and I am truly “Blown Away”.
    I was up tweaking the VTA, Damping and Azimuth late into the night. I’ve listened to these albums countless times in various formats, but I have never heard them like this before..
    I was astounded at the Drive, Pitch Stability, Separation of Instruments and finally, a realistic Tone.
    Gone are the frustration of my previous Turntables! The sheer lack of resonance with a
    jet black background is amazing.. let alone the greatly reduced surface noise from the record
    itself. You have a very happy customer indeed! I could wax lyrical all day over the Armadeus..
    Kind Regards

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