Fry Street – Beethoven etc


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Multi-Channel, Hybrid SACD, recorded using Kimber’s revolutionary IsoMike™ technology


Disc 1:

String Quartet in A Major, Op. 18, no. 5

1 I. Allegro
2 II. Menuetto
3 III.Andante cantabile
4 IV. Allegro

String Quartet in A minor, Op. 132

5 I. Assai sostenuto-Allegro
6 II. Allegro ma non tanto
7 III.Molto adagio
8 IV. Alla Marchia
9 V. Allegro appassionato

Disc 2:

Three pieces for String Quartet

1 I.
2 II.
3 III.

String Quartet no.4

4 I. Minotaur: very fast, ugly and relentless – Insistent – Cajoling – Pleading – Frantic
5 II. Child Holding a Dove: Infinitely tender
6 III. Acrobat on a ball: Very fast
7 IV. Still Life: Absolutely Strict
8 V. Seated Harlequin: Wistful
9 VI. Head of a Boy: Massive, very legato
10 VII. Basket of Flowers: Very Fast
11 VIII. Self Portrait: Always frantic and coarse (cello)/ motionless, cold, removed (others) – Horror and indifference – A bit faster – Tempo 1
12 IX. Three nudes: Like the wind, whispered and slippery
13 X. Death of Harlequin: Infinitely tender

String Quartet 1° (Y2K)

14 I.
15 II.
16 III.
17 IV.

These IsoMike SACD’s play on conventional CD players, 2-Channel SACD and 4-Channel SACD players.

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