Kimber 4PR original, Factory pairs


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Kimber 4PR original pair with ultraplate bananas  (USA Factory Terminated)

Original 4PR – brown and black pair of cables with ultraplate bananas all round. 

Available while stocks last.    Ask about the new 4PR red and black varistrand.

The original Kimber Kable. Four copper conductors in PE dielectric per polarity for 13AWG (2.255mm²) Often bought as an initial launch into the “high end” and kept because it’s just too good for the money. 1/3rd the signal loss of conventional 13AWG parallel conductor designs. accuracy, pacing, proper imaging are the signature sounds of 4PR.

Fully assembled by Kimber in their USA factory.
You will receive 2 lengths of 4PR each 2.5m or 3.0m long with bananas at each end.  The image only shows one channel for clarity.

Weight 0.8 kg
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