Kimber BiFocal XL


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Kimber BiFocal XL.  Designed for the Finest Biwire Loudspeakers
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  • Teflon™, titanium dioxide & polyethylene insulation
  • Hyper-pure copper
  • BiFocal 36 VariStrand™ conductors 31mm diameter
  • X38R core compound
  • Terminated with WBT Connectors

BiFocal-XL™ has impressed consumers and reviewers around the globe. Similar in construction and technology to BiFocal-X™, the BiFocal-XL™ is designed for increased speed, articulation, and impact in particular when used with larger loudspeaker systems. BiFocal-XL™ features a total of thirty-six individual VariStrand™ conductors: twelve for the inner, “high-frequency” circuit and twenty-four for the outer, “low-frequency” circuit. All cable ends are terminated with WBT® connectors.

Weight 6 kg
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