Kimber Carbon Interconnect

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Carbon Interconnect

Kimber’s latest development!

The all new Carbon interconnect utilises the latest in cable manufacturing technology.

8, 19.5AWG braided conductors with a seamless braided transition to right and left RCA or XLR connectors.

An optimal analogue interconnect for sources, pre-amplifiers and amplifiers.

Electrostatically dissipative carbon polymer reduces mechanically induced electrical noise and improves the uniformity of the voltage gradient within the insulating dielectric. Carbon provides a natural sound profile without being excessively bright or overly dark.

Made with the highest quality WBT connectors, using their latest “PlasmaProtect” gold-plating process.

The Carbon interconnect sits in a similar price bracket as the HERO CU and the Silver Streak but significantly out performs both.


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1 review for Kimber Carbon Interconnect

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    The Kimber Carbon 8 XLR Interconnects are exceptional audio cables……..the Switchcraft XLR connector plugs used by Kimber are a wonderful design. The Kimber Carbon 8 XLR Interconnect is equal to or better than any other XLR cable I have used in my system.

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