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  • Toslink conductor
  • Dual layer thermal and mechanical damping barriers
  • Medical-grade light conducting fibre

The construction of the  OPT-1 begins with medical-grade light conducting fibre. The fibre is then encapsulated in a thermal barrier that inhibits heat warping of the light-carrying fibre. A mechanical damping outer barrier is also applied to further protect the cable from damage. The ends are then cold-polished helping to further reduce the incidence of reflections.Upgrading your fibre-optic cable to KIMBER’s OPT-1 will let you hear a more detailed, musical sound. Use it to digitally record to a CD or MiniDisc recorder, or to link surround sound from your DVD player to your Home Cinema amp.  With such excellent light transfer characteristics, the result is a sound with is full, relaxed, and transparent.


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