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KS 9063

• VariStrand™ Hyper-pure copper conductors.

• High pressure/low temperature V-Teflon® dielectric.

• 280mm standard length, with longer lengths available.

• Kimber unique braided construction

• WBT®-0610Cu banana plugs standard, nextgen Cu spades available at same price

The KS 9063 jumpers have been uniquely designed to complement the KS 3063 speaker cable as well as the KIMBER KABLE Monocle X and XL cables. The KS 9063 jumpers use our proven Hyper-pure VariStrand™ copper conductors and our V-Teflon® dielectric. These Jumpers are commonly used between the high frequency and low frequency posts of bi-wire capable speakers when a standard configured cable is used.

You don’t have to use 9063s only with Select loudspeaker cables. They’re fine to use with Monocle X and Monocle-XL, too.

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