Kimber Ultra Plate Bananas


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KIMBER’s 4mm UltraPlate Banana plug (pair)

  • 4mm Banana plugs (2pcs)
  • Attaches to cable with solder only
  • Pack contains Wonder solder and heat shrinks (2pcs)

A Pair of the excellent KIMBER bananas that we fit to our speaker cables. These connectors are extremely durable, they won’t lose their spring and the UltraPlate coating won’t wear off.   You also get a length of Wonder Solder to attach them and colour-coded heatshrinks.

An order quantity of 1 = 2pcs of Banana Connector, 2pcs of Kimber Heatshrink (1 x red, 1 x black) and 1 length of Wonder Solder.

To make a standard pair of speaker cables, you need 4 pair.   For a bi-wire pair of cables, you need 6 pair.


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