WTL LTD Symmetrex


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WTL LTD Symmetrex (latest version)
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  • Patented “Zero Clearance Bearing” – no noise, no feedback
    Fits most turntables
  • 9″ and 10″ versions available
  • VTA, Damping, Tracking, Azimuth, Tracking Force adjustments available.
  • Hydraulic arm lift
  • Simple RCA output connections – fit any interconnect

Well Tempered Lab’s LTD tonearm is able to fit nearly all turntables.  The mounting method is simple, requiring just a single drill hole.Cartridge mounting and alignment is incredibly simple!  No alignment necessary – just VTA, tracking force.    No protractors, no complex alignment tools – in fact no alignment tools at all!.  Connect the wires and play.

The arm offers azimuth adjustment and damping, just like the other WTL arms.

Tracking force and skating moment are dynamically (instantly) adjusted according to the demands of the music.


Weight 3 kg


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