FAQ Category: Phono Cartridges FAQ

Can my cartridge be re-tipped?

First the Bad News:  No.  It is not possible to retip or recantilever a moving coil cartridge and restore its original performance.  (see below for further notes on this). Now the Good News: Dynavector offer a trade in scheme whereby Dynavector owners may trade in their old worn or broken DV cartridge on a brand …

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How long will my Dynavector stylus last?

Dynavector’s unique stylii will typically last 2,500 hours (DV-10X5 2,000 hours).   OK so what’s that in “real life”?   2,500 hours is about 5 – 7 years’ of regular playing.  If you are also using other music sources you can expect 10+ years. Remember to keep your stylus clean and records clean.

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