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12TC per m.

  • 12 Clear and 12 White Braided Conductors
  • Aggregate wire size 2 x 8.36mm (2 x 8 AWG) 
  • VaristrandTM Hyper-pure copper
  • Low loss fluorocarbon dielectric (FEP)
  • Very low inductance (0.09uH/metre)

Legendary Musicality Consisting of twenty four individual TCSS conductors, twelve white and twelve clear, arranged in a large format braid. Individual conductors are Hyper-pure copper and utilise Kimber’s proven VariStrand™ conductor geometry. The insulating dielectric is a high pressure-low temperature-extruded FEP. The tonal balance of 12TC is full, rich and powerful while the musical impact and dynamics reveal three-dimensionality and imaging. Although you may notice increased low end performance, the midrange and high frequencies are clear and detailed exhibiting coherency and realism.

Bi-Wire option means the cable braid is split at the speaker end and 2 sets of connectors are used.  4-wires go to the treble/mid connectors and 8-wires go to the bass connectors.

Order by-the-metre and in 10cm increments.  e.g. To get 3.5 metres of cable, enter “3.5” into the Qty box, the total is updated above.
Enter the number of Channels or runs of cable needed eg. 2 is normal left and right stereo pair, 1 for a centre channel.
Bi-wire option adds additional set of speaker connectors and labour is increased by 25%.

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  1. Mark doring

    My hifi just wasn’t right so I contacted Jonathan Davies of JD audio I got the 12 TC biwire. I would suggest factory terminated – I chose sban and after only 50 hrs of use my hifi sounds amazing. The bass is full and treble is smooth like liquid also I’m hearing detail that I never heard so I’m very impressed with 12TC and I would recommend it for anyone who wants the best from their system. Get ready to be amazed. Thanks JD audio.

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