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4PR new version! now with varistrand conductors!

  • 4 Red and 4 Black braided conductors
  • 2 x 2.08mm2 (approx 13 AWG per +/- leg)
  • Special polyethylene dielectric – new colours!
  • Low series inductance 0.23uH per metre
  • High purity varistrand copper

In 1979 this classic design put KIMBER KABLE on the map and after improvements over time, is still considered the reference for affordable loudspeaker cables. Millions of metres of this remarkable cable have been sold. The construction consists of four brown and four black conductors that utilise Kimber’s proven braiding technique. The aggregate wire size is two 13 awg conductors. Even the most basic systems, old and new, will benefit significantly from this legendary performer. When demonstrating KIMBER KABLE to a new dealer, this cable is used with the most modest system available. With 4PR, the system performs as if costing twice as much. Bass and treble frequencies are allowed their full extension, while dynamics emerge unrestrained. The 4PR is also an excellent cable for professional and studio use due to its inherent ability to reject noise in any cable length.

March 2022 4PR
has been upgraded to include Kimber’s Varistrand conductors and this new 4PR replaced the old Brown and Black 4PR and 4VS.
Varistrand = Inside each wire, there are 7 strands of copper conductors, each one is a different diameter.   This provides improved soundstage and midrange/treble performance.

Order by-the-metre and in 10cm increments.  e.g. To get 3.5 metres of cable, enter “3.5” into the Qty box, the total is updated above.
Enter the number of Channels or runs of cable needed eg. 2 is normal left and right stereo pair, 1 for a centre channel.

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