Kimber Monocle XL


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Monocle XL
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  • Teflon™, titanium dioxide & polyethylene insulation
  • Hyper-pure copper
  • 24 VariStrand™ conductors 28mm diameter
  • X38R core compound

Monocle-XL™ is a fully optimised cable engineered to offer the most intimate interface of amplifier and single input loudspeaker. Compared to the Monocle-X™, Monocle-XL™ offers increased dynamic range with greater speed and acceleration. Timbre, space, detail, intimacy…, the Monocle-XL™ delivers musical nuances and colour with emotion, truth, and realism

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 8 cm
Length (metre)

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Connectors - amplifier end

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Connectors - speaker end

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