Kimber Select KS1026


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Kimber Select KS1026 Interconnect


  • Solid core, hyper-pure, molecularly optimized Black Pearl silver and copper conductors.
  • Virgin FEP dielectric.
  • Unique orthogonally braided matrix.
  • Dual concentric ground core.
  • ESD Yarn.
  • WBT®-0102 Cu nextgen™
  • X38R core compound.
  •  Three Black Pearl signal conductors and three Hyper Pure Copper ground conductors.

 “25AWG Black Pearl silver conductors and solid core copper conductors deliver a synergistic blend of clarity and richness for spatial accuracy and firmly rooted tonality. A flawlessly executed marriage of our fondest metals.” 


The KS1026 uses Kimber’s constrained matrix in harmony with orthogonally braided geometry which, along with the Black Pearl silver and Hyper-pure solid core copper conductors, combine to create a single-ended cable of incredible refinement. Velvet black backgrounds and crystalline details transport
the listener deep into the soul of the music.

The KS1026 shares the same properties as the KS1021 while the extra conductors provide more bass and added warmth to the sound.

Price shown is for a matched pair of interconnects.


Weight 2 kg
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