Kimber Select KS1036


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Kimber Select KS1036 Interconnect


  • Virgin FEP dielectric.
  • Unique orthogonally braided matrix.
  • ESD Yarn.
  • Dual concentric ground core.
  • Solid core, Hyper-pure, molecularly optimised Black Pearl silver.
  • X38R core compound
  • WBT®-0102Ag nextgen™ RCA type connectors as standard.
  • Six silver conductors

“Six 25AWG Black Pearl solid silver conductors drawn in diamond coated dies and insulated with virgin FEP dielectric under the most exacting tolerances which offer the purest transfers of the most demanding highest resolution signals. These interconnects produce silent backdrops for vivid tonal colour and flawless creation of space, time and ultimately the soul of the performance.”


The ultimate in single-ended interconnect technology.   Integrating technology from the Model 88 loudspeaker cable, the KS1036 single-ended interconnect utilises Kimber’s unique Black Pearl silver conductor in their orthogonally braided geometry. This superior conductor works in conjunction with other proprietary technologies to guard against signal distorting influences – electrodynamic and acoustic. Utilising the world’s finest RCA connector, featuring solid silver contacts, the KS1036 provides uncompromising resolution and fidelity. 




Prices shown are for matched pairs.


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