Kimber Select KS6068

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KS6068 – All Silver Loudspeaker Cable

  • Solid core and Varistrand™ Hyper-pure Black Pearl silver conductors.
  • Virgin FEP dielectric.
  • Kimber unique braided, multi-layer constrained matrix.
  • X38R core compound.
  • ESD Yarn.
  • WBT® nextgen silver connectors fitted as standard.

The 6068’s all silver (VariStrand & solid core silver conductors) design delivers maximum fidelity within the series by virtue of silver’s superior conductivity (6% greater than copper). Low-level dynamics are revealed with the utmost delicacy and precision. The reproduction of space within the soundstage is at its best with the 6068.

The KS6068 is comprised entirely of Kimber’s finest silver. The unique construction combines ESD yarn and fine silver conductors around the X38R core material in a constrained matrix geometry. As a result of this advanced technology, the KS6068 delivers dynamics, focus and harmonics like no other speaker cable.
WBT-0610Ag, WBT-0661AG or WBT-0681Ag connectors included in price.


Weight 5 kg

1 review for Kimber Select KS6068

  1. Tim

    Just completed the run in about 300 hours and the cable sounds amazing. I personally think it is 100% worth the upgrade from 3033. The bass is much more controlled and a lot more details are revealed throughout the frequency range. Jonathan is also very knowledgeable in cables and always happy to answer any questions you may have. The overall experience is top notch.

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