Kimber Select KS6068


Length (metres)
# of Channels eg. 2 for Left & Right
Connectors amplifier end
Connectors speaker end


• Varistrand™ Hyper-pure Black Pearl silver conductors.

• High pressure/low temperature V-Teflon® dielectric.

• Kimber unique braided constrained matrix.

• X38R core compound.

• ESD Yarn.

• WBT® Topline silver sandwich spades or Topline banana connectors.

The KS 6068 is comprised entirely of our finest silver. Our unique construction combines ESD yarn and fine silver conductors around the X38R core material in a constrained matrix geometry. As a result of this advanced technology, the KS 6068 delivers dynamics, focus and harmonics like no other speaker cable.


Weight 5 kg


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