Compass 2


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Compass 2
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  • 2-way floor standing
  • 3-dimensional soundstage
  • Two way system with 2 drivers

The enclosure is a rigid pipe with two dissimilar chambers. The bass loading is achieved by means of strategically placed friction slots.  The diamond baffle is ideal to reduce unwanted typical diffraction problems and thereby produce a smooth, uniform radiation characteristic. The tweeter is a 19 mm titanium with neodymium motor and the 16.5mm woofer has an extraordinary new hybrid cone … it is most spectacular! The filter network, as in all Shahinian designs, is 6dB trailing edge for the woofer and 18dB leading edge for the tweeter. No zoebels, resistors or corrective. The phase is correct and seamless.

 The enclosure is Shahinian’s standard 19mm Finland birch with real timber face veneers. All four surfaces are finished, permitting a variety of placement choices, including surround applications. Connection is made in the base and will accommodate any gauge wire.

 We believe you will find the overall performance, for the modest size and price, to be quite special.

 Though the sensitivity is reasonably high ( 87dB), and one may employ a modest amplifier for a small domestic environment. At all times, on classical or jazz music, very low levels of distortion were maintained.

Natural Oak or Cherry.

Weight 35 kg


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