Shahinian Diapason 2


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Diapason 2. New version.
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  • The top speaker in the Shahinian range.
  • The world’s most musical loudspeaker!   Create the concert hall in your home.
  • Five way system with 18 drivers.


The Diapason is not easy to ignore.  It fulfils a life long dream of producing a convincing illusion of a full orchestra in all of its dynamic, tonal glory.   The Diapason is the quintessential loudspeaker for home use.

A number of elements comprising an organic modular scheme, in metamorphosis for about 25 years, has finally come to a culmination.  The Diapason module is the crowning piece of Shahinian’s art.

Available in light/natural oak and cherry.  Price shown is for a pair of Diapason modules and bass units

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Weight 70 kg


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