Shahinian Hawk


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  • Poly-directional geometry
  • Eight drivers in upper module.
  • Three way system with 10 drivers

The Hawk module is nothing less than a meticulous reduction of the Diapason Module.  The essential poly-directional geometry has been retained and the complement of drive elements only slightly reduced.  The Hawk Module contains six drivers and the resulting tone colour is similar to the Diapason although a touch less opulent.  The hawk achieves astonishingly small distortion levels and tremendous headroom…almost the levels achieved in the Diapason!  The Hawk module has been designed as a perfect match for the Hawk Bass Unit and sits on top to form an elegant column loudspeaker.

Available in light/natural oak and American Walnut.  Price shown is for a pair of Hawk modules and bass unit.

Weight 60 kg


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