Shahinian Arc 2


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Arc 2.
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  • New revision Arc 2.  Major upgrade in performance.
  • Ideally suited for the reproduction of natural instruments
  • Bass response ample and clear down to 28Hz
  • Three way system with 4 drivers

The arc represents the very essence of Shahinian’s design philosophy.  A refined, reduction of the Citation 13 Richard Shahinian designed in 1970 at Harmon-Kardon.  It is the synthesis of 30 years of investigation into loudspeaker geometry.  Cost effective, compact, elegant, flexible; ideally suited for the reproduction of natural instruments and voices. Its vertical, angular, indirect presentation produces such a sense of effortless space, as to make most conventional speakers sound like mistakes.

The bass response is ample and clear down to 28Hz and organ pedals in particular will surprise you with the lack of Doppler interference.   Bass drum explosions, from a speaker this size, will truly astound yet a solo harpsichord will produce no weight of tone, beyond it own.

Available in light/natural oak and cherry.  Price shown is for a pair of Arcs.


Weight 45 kg


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